"One might ask themselves, why?Why revive an iconic show with an iconic star. Why, when there are so many wonderful new playwrights, would Sidney Greene decide to dust off this tired old girl of a play? Well, frankly, I can only come up with a single answer, and it’s Rachel Berry.

It takes chutzpa to be willing to step into the Great One’s knee-high lace-ups and make Fanny your own. And Rachel has plenty of that, clearly. But she also has something else in spades: talent.And mountains of it. I’m not talking about the Appalachians. Berry is the Alps. I’m sure I could find fault in this green actress’s performance, but shame on anyone who would have the audacity to criticize the bold mistakes of a supernova exploding before our eyes.

I just pray to God that no one saw me secretly wiping my tears during her show-stopping ‘Who Are You Now?’.I don’t know where inside that small frame Berry went to find the emotion she delivered with that song, but she melted the icy heart of this reviewer.

I hope this show runs for a long time, not because anyone needs to see ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ again, or the producers found a way to get a real tugboat onstage, but because I want to have some time to enjoy Rachel Berry as she is now.

I know I will be going back for a second heaping bowl of Rachel Berry.”

(NY Times Review for “Funny Girl”)

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